The reef off Makronisos is home to more than one hundred marine creatures, from the beautiful blacktip shark to the musically named red cornetfish. But the divers, sponsored by the ocean conservation organization Healthy Seas, had come to Greece not to net fish, but to remove nets from the fishes’ habitat. …..


MEDASSET in cooperation with the AquaTec diving team performed another successful ghost net clean-up mission, as part of the “Healthy Seas: A Journey from Waste to Wear” initiative in Greece……

healthy seas

 Between 11 and 16 April the Healthy Seas diving team of six divers formed by Greek and Dutch volunteers executed several successful clean-up missions in Greece. …..


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The scourge of ‘ghost fishing’: Divers plunge to depths of over 100ft to clear up abandoned nets and traps that kill sea life…..







Ανασύρουν εγκαταλελειμμένα δίχτυα «φαντάσματα» από τα βάθη της θάλασσας προστατεύοντας χιλιάδες ζώα από την παγίδευση και τον βασανιστικό θάνατο και εν συνεχεία τα μετατρέπουν -μέσω ενός ειδικού εργοστασίου ανακύκλωσης………