IANTD Open Water Diver


Το πρόγραμμα αυτό αποτελεί τη βάση και το ξεκίνημα της καταδυτικής σου εμπειρίας, όπου θα σε εντάξει σαν αυτόνομο δύτη στον κόσμο της υποβρύχιας εξερεύνησης και αναψυχής .

Περιλαμβάνει: – Πλήρη Εξοπλισμό. – Θεωρητική Διδασκαλία. – 4-6 Καταδύσεις. – Φυσιολογία Κατάδυσης. – Πίνακες Κατάδυσης. – Διαδικασίες Ασφαλείας. – Αντιμετώπιση Περιστατικών. – Πιστοποίηση Open Water Diver έως το βάθος των 21 μέτρων.






This Program is designed to provide comprehensive training to those who wish to become SCUBA divers.
Here we emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to develop a safer novice diver and to develop a sense of confidence and responsibility in those joining the adventures of underwater discovery.
The purpose of this program is to qualifie a diver to participate in diving activities where appropriate Diver Support is always available at the surface, where in-water decompression stops are not required, and under conditions that are equal or better than the conditions where they were trained.

How deep can you dive with the IANTD Open Water Diver Program?

This Program qualifies a diver to dive to a maximum depth of 70 fsw (21 msw) in open water

What do you need to enroll in this program?

  • A minimum of 12 years of age or higher.

What is the minimum materials requirements?

  • IANTD Open Water Basic eKit

What this program must include?

  • Academic Sessions
  • Confined Water Sessions
  • Open Water Sessions